The Annunciation Celebration

IMG_4393IMG_4373IMG_4357 IMG_4386The Annunciation and the Birthday Celebration


        On the 25th of March, Novitiate community celebrated well the Solemnity of Annunciation which started with a Mass in the morning hours. On the same day, novice Joseph had his Birthday anniversary. The community wished him well.


      In the evening hours, all the community members went to Bauleni community where they joined the others invited guests to celebrate the Birthday of Fr. Tresphord Chisanga, the rector, parish priest and Provincial Councillor there. It was a good experience to see many young people and parishioners, showing their happiness and gratefulness to Fr. T. Chisanga.


       Novices were the ones who played an important role in the celebration with their harmonized singing voices and their dancing to show that they were really enjoying the presence and family spirit there as Fr T. Chisanga is also their teacher who is taking with them a subject: “History and Background of Don Bosco.” Thanks to Fr Tresphord and his community for their cordial   reception and atmosphere.

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State Lodge Youth Day on 16th of March

IMG_4162IMG_4180IMG_4186IMG_4189IMG_4224The Youth Event at State Lodge

      On the 16th of March, the Director of Novices, Fr. Christopher Rychcik together with some novices went to State Lodge, an outstation of St Matthias Mulumba Parish – Bauleni where there was a youth gathering.


       The atmosphere was spiced up by the Salesian animating presence. There was Fr. Louis Malama, Fr. Tresphord Chisanga, Fr. Rupen Diravya, Fr. Chris Rychcik, Sr. Maria Mwale, Br Gabriel Mwenya and Br Joseph Tuan Anh.


        The young people were really blessed during this day to have the Provincial Economer and the Director of the Novices being in their presence, they also took part in the judges’ committee, since there were a variety of activities: dances, sketches, songs and dramas, which the young people had prepared and performed.


     Not forgetting the Eucharistic celebration, which was the source and summit of this wonderful occasion.


      However, the proceedings were occasionally disturbed by a bit of rain, which caused some of the activities to be stopped, but the young people never stopped from enjoying their day.


       The day finished with a raffle draw that was together with the presentation of the awards to the winning youth groups.

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Makeni Youth Day on 12th of March

IMG_4057IMG_4060IMG_4133Makeni Parish Youth Day.

  On the 12th of March, the novices joined Makeni Parish for Youth Day celebration. They started with a Mass, followed by different activities. The novices also took part by playing football with different teams from outstations, and they did well despite losing one game. The youths were very happy, for smiles were everywhere and they enjoyed to be together. The program finished around 17:00 hours. Thanks to the Parish Priest of Christ the King for organizing such joyful event.

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7th of March – “The Way of the Cross” in the Lent Season

Cross 1Cross 2The Way of the Cross

   On Friday, 7th of March, the novitiate community began “The Way of the Cross.” This meant the change of the programme, for the community because instead of the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament they have had the way of the cross during the Lent season. They will continue “The Way of the Cross” throughout the whole Lent on each Friday to reflect on “the Suffering Servant of the Lord” (cf. Is. 50-53), “the Anointed Son of Man”, Jesus Christ from Nazareth who has been rejected, crucified, but rose from the dead. Fr Christopher Rychcik as the “good shepherd” of the community led the members and the novices on first Friday. It was really a wonderful experience for the community to recollect and to contemplate on the way of the Lord Jesus to Golgotha. They are really looking forward with joyful hope to the other Fridays.

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Novices’ Apostolate in the Salvation House

Salvation 1Salvation 2Salvation 3Salvation 4Novices’ Apostolate to be with the Youngsters from the Salvation House


   Four of the novices go to the Salvation House for apostolate on each Sunday to be with the boys who have come from the streets of Lusaka to be taken care of their physical, intellectual, affective, and spiritual needs.


   Salvation House is a home especially dedicated to poor boys or children at risk who did have some traumatic experiences from their own family members or the society at large. The novices give them some classes on catechesis in St. Joseph Mukasa Makeni Parish Outstation or on some subjects from primary school level. Sometimes, they teach them also some songs. Most of the time, they spend on a sharing of life experiences and giving them courage, so that they can still be good Christians and honest citizens despite their past painful events.


   In showing solidarity and friendships, here are various things that they do together with the children there. To name a few, they prepare food and eat together, play some indoor-games or football, perform cultural dances or pray on some instruments. Together with the youngsters through these activities, they create family spirit and awake in the children the aspiration for better life and achievement of greater values or ideals.

(Fr. Christopher Rychcik, SDB and the Novices)
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5th of March – The Quarterly Recollection Day in the Marian Shrine

Shrine 4Shrine 15th of March - The Pilgrimage to the Marian Shrine


The new season of Lent, which starts with Ash Wednesday on the 5th of March, marked another important spiritual experience, especially to the novices. The Rector together with the whole community went to the Marian Shrine in the outskirts of Lusaka where all of them had their quarterly recollection day.

Shrine 2   The community thought it was better to have their recollection day at the place where they wanted to recommit themselves to the service of the Church and the young people, and to be in the presence of the Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary. They left the Community around 8:00 am. They passed quite well through the traffic-jam and arrived at the shrine at 9:00 am. The serenity of the place made everyone to feel the presence of the Lord and to pray and reflect.

 Shrine 3 They started with the reflection on the theme of the novena in the preparation of the bicentenary of Don Bosco, which was prepared by Sr. Evelyn Saludares, FMA. The community members were taken by the spiritual input and what was underlined there: “how to live Don Bosco’s dream today?” Afterwards, they had private time for reflection and prayer. They met again together at 11:00 for adoration followed by a very simple Lunch, because it was the day of penance and fasting. Mass was celebrated at 14:30 by the rector of the community, Fr Christopher Rychcik as the main celebrant. Really, the time was too short because at 17:00 hours, they returned to the community. The Novices appreciated the staff members for organizing such the pilgrimage. They have regenerated themselves to carry on Don Bosco’s mission and to be better sons of Don Bosco.   

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