November – Changes of Apostolate

Salv House 101-02 November - Changes of Apostolate

In the beginning of September, a group of novices: Constantine, Oliver, Nhlanhla and Clement started their apostolate in Salvation House at Makeni to be with the poor young people who came from the streets of Lusaka and out of the kindness of Mama Carol McBrady found a home where love, comfort and family values reign Salv House 2supreme.

When they first went there they had a mixture of feelings welling up inside them: pity, sorry for, compassion, regret, uncertainty and charity, but above all a feeling of willingness to help, serve and educate these poor souls that they have learnt from their Lord Jesus out of His compassion and mercy for humanity.

Salv House 3The novices had the best experience with the young, because the young people became a gift from God to them and their growth in vocation to serve the needy and to be brothers to them. In those two last months (September and October), the four novices spent with the youth a time of wonders; they taught them to cherish the gift of life in its holistic aspects, including religious and moral too. The youngsters Salv House 4also learnt to value all that human beings are and the novices have shared with them hope and happiness: that life has a lot to offer, including the peace and joy of Christ in one’s heart.

The people say that “what has a beginning has also an end; those who have met shall meet once again.” Now the novices have reached the end of October and they have to say “Goodbye” to the young people in the Salvation House who have made a great impact in the four novices’ lives.

“A greedy man never prospers,” thus the novices have moved on with new experiences and relinquished their presence with those beloved souls for another apostolate, starting from the beginning of November. They have handed them over to capable hands of two more of their brothers, novices: Thabo and Godfrey. With the help of Nhlanhla and Clement they are going to continue the work our Lord Jesus and our founder Don Bosco entrusted to them: to evangelize and educate the young ones.

Through all this one can say that “may the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ remain with them always.”

(Written by novice Constantine and Fr. Chris R.)
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Fr Chris Rychcik – Birthday

The Birthday of Fr Chris Rychcik

B'Day 2The 30th of October was a memorable day for the novitiate community at Makeni in Lusaka. That day the novitiate community with other Salesians from Bauleni and Chawama as well as some lay people rejoiced with the rector and director of novices, Fr. Chris R. who celebrated 55 years of life and of God’s blessings and love.

The novices with the help of Br. Makumba made sure that it was a day to remember as they decorated the place to look like a botanical garden.

In the morning of that day, the jubilant father was serenaded with a birthday song by the novices immediately after morning meditation, followed by best wishes from all the present members of the community.

B'Day 1In the evening, over a charcoal-cooked supper (barbecue) there was some great socializing. This was not going to be possible without the presence of other well-wishers who were coming with their heartfelt gifts and smiles.

After the cutting of the cake and ice cream, the jubilant father of the community gave a “Good Night” talk and then all people left for their respective places with happy hearts, peaceful minds and satisfied stomachs.

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Visits to the Cathedral and the Nunciature

28.10.2014 – Visiting the Cathedral and the Nunciature

Cathedral 1

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that, “The Roman Pontiff and the Bishops are authentic teachers endowed with the authority of Christ.”

¬†This we see in the Gospel of Mathew 16:17 when our Lord Jesus Christ calls Peter the “Rock,” on which He “will build” his Church.

Peter as the first Bishop Cathedral 1bof Rome where he died continues this duty of looking after God’s flock through his successors, the Popes.

The Pontiff is represented by the Apostolic Nuncio, His Excellency, Archbishop Giulio Murat, who is also called the Vatican Ambassador for Zambia and Malawi.

On the 28th of October, the Novices and their Director, Fr Chris, had the privilege of visiting Pope Francis’ representative, His Excellency Archbishop Giulio Murat at the Vatican Embassy (Nunciature). On the way there, the Novices passed through the Cathedral 2aCathedral of the Child Jesus where they also met their Confessor, Fr Andrew, who is also Nuncio 1in charge of the Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese of Lusaka. They had a chance also to see the portrait fixed in the Cathedral in remembrance of the first and only visit of Pope St John Paul II to Zambia in 1989. They also saw the cornerstone, which the Pope laid for the construction of the new Cathedral. Then they proceeded to the Nunciature.

They reached the Nunciature at around Nuncio 215:30 hours and they were warmly welcomed by Fr Marko, the Secretary of the Nuncio. They had about two hours of listening, chatting, singing, laughing, and learning from the Nuncio about the role of the Nunciature and his different responsibilities, especially as regards to the Church and the country at large as he is also an Ambassador of Vatican. The novices asked some questions and the Nuncio gave his answers to them.

Nuncio 3He also mentioned that he is to defend the faith and teaching of the Church in Zambia and Malawi, to ensure the freedom of religious practices and the well being of the faithful. He also makes sure that the Catholic faithful have all the basic needs for spiritual growth and human development: churches, schools, hospitals, etc. that also serve for the common good of all the citizens.

The Nuncio later showed some rooms of the embassy, the chapels (internal and external), the guest room and so on. The most astounded event was when the novices saw the room, in which Pope St John Paul II stayed during his first visit to Zambia. As people who want to live in poverty for the sake of the Kingdom of God, that room was a living example of simplicity, which gave to the novices a challenge on practice of simplicity and temperance when they saw how the simple room with a small bed and nothing else apart from the religious pictures and a small table. Due to the music the novices sang, the Nuncio wished to invite them once more to his residence later on. The novices and the Rector, Fr Chris R returned to the community before their evening prayers with a lot of joyful experiences.

(Written by the Novices and Fr. Chris Rychcik)
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Mariology Course

Kalem. 1Inter-Novitiate Mariology Course

What do you know about Mary? Who is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to you? These were the questions asked by Fr. Cornelius Hankomoene during inter-novitiate crush course concerning Mariology. He said that there are many things said by some other churches about Mary, which confuse us and thus doubt our Catholic faith.

Kalem. 3Those were wonderful three mornings when many novices gathered together in the Kalemba Hall at St Ignatius Loyola Parish in Lusaka to learn more about the Mother of Jesus and her role as the chosen woman, “full of grace,” in our salvation history. There were novices from six different Congregations, including those of the Sisters. It was nice to see them enjoying interaction with each other and search for Kalem. 2better understanding Mary’s place in our human and salvation history.

In those days the novices came to know more about Mary and other doctrines about her. They came to know more about the four Marian dogmatic teachings namely: the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, the Perpetual Virginity, and the Assumption.

St. Ignacy 1bThe novices were extremely happy, because their unanswered questions and doubts were answered. They were prepared and equipped for many encounters to defend their faith.

What was also very interesting was the spirit of sharing about the theology behind the presented pictures of Mary, found in their religious communities. They even used the time of tea-break for further sharing of their perception of Mary in their own personal life.

(Written by the novices and Fr. Chris Rychcik)
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The Tonga Day

Social Ev 1The Tonga Day in the Community of the Novitiate

The ZMB Novitiate Community of Makeni gathered on the evening of Saturday, the 25th of October, for the usual celebration of the community day. That social evening was Social Ev 2quite a unique one in its own way as it occurred just on the following day after the country celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Independence. It was really an evening of manifesting the freedom of fraternal communion with the edifying input of the Tonga culture.

The programme of the gathering had for its facilitators the Chi-Tonga speaking novices: Oliver Katongo and Adrian Matebesi. It was Social Ev 3offered as an educative initiative, put in place for a better understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity present in the unity of the persons, coming from different cultural backgrounds and tribes. The main items that were presented that evening aimed at exposing the meaning of freedom in connection with the Independence Day that had just been celebrated the previous day, but according to the Tonga context. Within that perspective was the singing of the national anthem in Tonga, a mention of some prominent names of the Tonga heroes who had taken part in the struggle for independence and political freedom of Zambia. Among those mentioned were the late Harry Mwanga Nkumbula and the present day surviving hero Mr. Vernon Mwanga.

Social Ev 4The Tonga people of the southern province were described as among the eight major tribes of Zambia as in general the country comprises not less than seventy three tribes! The Tonga people are traditionally farmers and outstanding cattle herders. Among their most prized cultural practices is the Gonde traditional ceremony and the Nkolola, which is an initiation ceremony for young ladies into womanhood.

Social Ev 5The last part of that joyous social evening was graced with interactive indoor games such as Rumikub, Scrabble and a table-tennis. There was such a wonder and a sense of fraternity that radiated on the faces of the novices and their rector, Fr Chris R. Someone could say that such was the dream of Don Bosco that his children be always “happy” living in unity of “one heart and mind.”

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Cooling Down

Cooling Down in the Swimming Pool

Swim 1It was on the day of 9th of October (Thursday) that the temperature reached out 38 oC in Lusaka. Fr. Chris R. and the novices took part in welcoming the hot summer by an outing to the neighbouring community of the Boromeo Sisters. The Salesian novices and their director had nice swimming and enjoyment in the very warm and clear water for about an hour. It was interesting leisure moment as Novices Swim 2especially for those who do not know how to swim.

It is always good to take care of the environment so that we can benefit from it and sustain our lives, but not every environment gives a conducive support for our living; only the one that is free from contamination and hazarding the health of the people. Our bodies need to cool when it Swim 3is too hot and to warm when it is too cold.

All enjoyed the afternoon with “refreshed and rejuvenated bodies” and they would like to go again since it is still very hot.

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